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  • The disconnecting item of line POL(VVNR)-10/630-20U2 applied  for making and breaking of load current of transmission line with a rated voltage of 6-10 kV and a rated current of 630 A and for grounding of disconnected line segments. Recloser.

    Appointment of kit:

    • Manual or automatic Suspending and Unsuspending of lines with the load current
    • Sectioning of power lines
    • Protection of lines at overloads and at short-circuit current
    • Commercial electricity metering
    • Connecting automated control system with data transmission

    The ability to solve problems:

    • Operational switching in distribution network
    • Automatic shutdown of the damaged section
    • Automatic reclosing

  • ► Full factory readiness
    Increased reliability
    All variants of schemes
    Presence of visible gap
    Possibility of using any drive

  • Table 1. Mainly technical parameters

    Item, Units

    Technical parameters

    Rated voltage, kV


    Maximum operating voltage, kV


    Rated current, A


    Rated short-circuit breaking current, kA


    Time of inclusion (not exceed), ms


    Tripping time (not exceed), ms


    Current of electrodynamic resistance kA


    Short time withstand current (1s), kA


    Accuracy class CTs

    0,5 (0,5S)

    Accuracy class VTs


  • ► Included items:

    The delivery for completeness is determined by the selected main current circuit diagram and customer requirements.