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  • The Vacuum Load-Break Switch VVNR-10/630-20U2 applied  for making and breaking of load current, over-load current and short-circuit current in the three-phase electrical distribution systems with a rated current of 630 A and a rated voltage of 6-10 kV.

    This Vacuum Load-Break Switch VVNR-10/630 is designed to be installed  in switchgears, front access switch cabinets, complete transformer stations. Vacuum Load Breaking Switch has a large model range.

  • Increased reliability
    High operational safety
     Combining the functions of breaker and disconnector
    ► Many modifications
     Low cost of installation and operation

  • The Vacuum Load-Break Switch VVNR-10/630 in cell KSO-EAZ-10/630

    Table 1. Mainly technical parameters

    Item, Units

    Technical parameters

    Rated voltage, kV


    Maximum operating voltage, kV


    Rated current, kA


    Rated breaking current, kA


    Rated short-circuit breaking current, kA


    Normalized parameters of resistance to the through short-circuit currents:

    - current electrodynamic stability, kA


    - initial rms value of the periodic component of short-circuit current, kA


    - short time withstand current, kA


    Switching resource, cycles on-off

    10 000

    Mechanical life, cycles on-off

    10 000

     Application conditions

    - climatic conditions U2
    - altitude up to 1000 m
    - ambient temperature from -45° to +55° C
    - nonexplosive environment without current-conducting dust and aggressive gases and vapors capable to destroy isolation and metal
    - safety requirement in compliance to GOST
     Operating with load switch

    Controlling this unit is carried through a variety of manual or motor drives. In addition a switch can be manufactured with integrated spring drive.

    Earthing switches have an interlock.

     Dimensions of switch

    In the basic version the distance between the phases – 175mm.
    In the small version the distance between the phases – 130mm.